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Before all the photos can be viewed it is essential to make sure you have used Member Login and entered your User Name (complete email address) and Password. You must do this each time you wish to view the site. When you have completed a successful login the name of the registered user will appear above the Getdecorating banner on the right side of your screen. If you continue to see only the preview side images, you are not logged in to the site as a member.

Photo Browsing

The photos featured on represent some of the leading interior designers and architects in North America. With over 30,000 photos, Getdecorating has the largest collection of design and decorating pictures on the web.

The number of photos posted next to the various subjects on the main screens is entirely accurate and is in fact a computerized count of the pictures as we enter them in the database. Please note that the screens indicate the number of photos in each category.

In addition to the Photo Gallery and all its categories, there are thousands of interesting photos and comments under the Networking tab. These represent every category of home design and products associated with home construction, furnishing and home accessories and are provided by businesses, professionals and home owner members and are easily accessible by browsing or key word searches.

Example of Photo Browsing


Problems viewing the number of photos seem to occur for three main reasons:

1. Not clicking on pages. At the top of each category description i.e., Bathrooms/Powder/Master/Pool, the number of pages are shown followed by page number 1,2, 3, 4, 5, etc. It is necessary to click on these page numbers to go to the next screens. All screens contain nine "primary photos". (exception may be the last screen in the sequence).

The arrow at the end of the number sequence indicates there are more pages to follow, you must click on the last page number in the sequence and you will see a "double arrow." Double Arrow Click on this arrow to go to the next sequence of page numbers. Continue to follow this procedure until there is no "double arrow" Double Arrow showing.


2. Not scrolling down. In order to see all photos it is necessary to click on each "primary image" and SCROLL DOWN to see the "associated photos". The reason we have designed the pages this way is to try and depict the greatest amount of detail associated with any given "primary photo". For example, if we had a picture of a living room as the primary photo, we may show a detail of the window covering, crown molding, ceiling, furniture etc. all used in that particular room. In this way the user can see much more than the large scene of any given room or exterior. Often what appears to be the same photo will have subtle differences to show such things as, hidden pantries in kitchens, or screens on sliding doors, or hidden cabinets in bedrooms, usually designed to accommodate television sets. The number of "associated photos" varies, with some pictures not having any and others as many as 25.

All photos in the Photo Gallery are generally available in three sizes. The best detail can be seen using the largest photos. Using the thumbnails or the next smaller photo size, will allow you to browse more photos faster, rather than having to look at each one in the largest size.

3. Not deleting your Temporary Internet files. Your browser could contain a memory of the last photo pages you have been viewing and as a result your cache memory (Temporary Internet files) could be full. You can clear its memory by clearing the cache. In order to speed up web browsing, web browsers are designed to download web pages store them locally on your machine in an area called "cache". When you visit the same page for a second time or click the "back" button, the browser speeds up display time by loading the page locally from cache instead of downloading everything again, this sometimes results in less than current versions of web pages being displayed. If you believe that you have a less than current version of a page or unable to open more pages or see only the preview images, please use the following steps to clear the cache in your browser. You should clear cache at least once a week. Note: directions vary depending on whether you use the AOL, Internet Explorer or Netscape browser. However, for Internet Explorer and most browsers, go to the top of the browser, click on "tool" button and then click on "Internet options." A screen will open on the "General Tab" and show three headings. Go to "Temporary Internet files" and click on "Delete Cookies" and "Delete Files." This will clear your cache memory and overcome any problem viewing images.

Please remember to click on Logout when finished browsing images, not the X on your browser. If you have not clicked on Logout you may have to re-type our URL into the address line of your browser and not use "favorites" until you have re-typed the URL. Once you have done this, then add to favorites again. You may also have a security issue, such as a firewall/spam blocker/anti-virus program that is not allowing our HTML pages through or your security settings are not allowing cookies to be enabled.

Idea File

You must be a member to use this function. The Idea File can be compared to tearing a page from a magazine, that is showing that perfect something you've been looking for. The next step is usually to find a retailer or service that may provide whatever it is your looking for. The Idea File is exactly the same, with the big advantage of being able to email the pictures to any company, friend or relative anywhere in the world, or maybe, just across the street. Best of all, when you find the pictures that have the right ideas, you can immediately save them to your personal Idea File and send a complete email message with them! Request a quote, show a contractor, and refer to an interior designer, email to friends, print as a resource... all with a click of your mouse.

To use, simply click on the words beneath each photo Idea File. You can save up to 75 in one file. When ready click on "email idea file," enter the email address and message in the "comments" box and click on "send email." The recipient will be able to see all the photos you have saved and your email message.

Products & Services Directory

Contains the names, addresses and web links for various companies throughout North America as well as many International countries. This selection is constantly growing. Our goal is to ultimately have the widest selection of home services on the web. Just click on Products & Services Directory at the top of main screens and select the region and business category you wish to see.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at